Dainty Chair                                   School Chair




     IN INDIA, Teak is an epitome of good furniture. The Teak House aims to look for good and time tested design and make them with exquisite Indian craftsmanship. We are blessed with excellent timber like teak and many other lesser known ones. Many of them are excellent material for furniture making. We also have fine carpenters, with experience and grounded knowledge of their trade.

Cane wicker and Metal is another of our series in time tested black frames (hard to fiddle with in terms of aesthetics). Fine bamboo wicker work is possible in our countries where labour for such crafts are still available.


Italian threesome


RECLINERS & BENCHES                         BEDS         



                                   Piano Writing Desk

 Foldable Teak Chair                       Foldable Teak Table 

Dainty Recliner 

Rocking Chair                             California Chair





These designs are an ode to traditional crafts, but detailing is minimalist, with an eye on modern day user. You will also notice a fetish for chairs. Chairs are a difficult furniture to make. Chairs are like people silently sitting in the room but still have a strong presence in shaping the ensemble. We value the spirit to experiment, but gimmicks no-no, a sense of fun yes. 

These are a few of our representative works. We build many more things like cabinetry, wooden flooring and even spiral stair cases, for example. We also offer Interior design services to assist in materializing your ideas for your homes, offices, resorts and offer turnkey solutions.